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Content is an ugly word.

Content is an ugly word.

“Consuming content”. Disgusting.

Content is a word without a soul, it’s made to be thrown away.

To be a “content creator” is soulless, it’s feeding the feed, contributing to the noise.

It’s SEO input. It’s keyword-optimized BS.

Content is a disposable, a commodity, fast food.

Terminology matters.

How we name things changes how we see them.

Last year, I switched from saying “I make content” to say “I make creations”.

Creation is a word with a soul.

It is work with statement, with perspective, with art. It is distinctive. It is good cuisine.

Creation is memorable, it is worth living for.

Sometimes, something magic happens.

A creation begins to grow, gets shared widely and remixed.

It takes a life of its own.

At this moment, the creation becomes a creature.

It goes beyond ourselves.

Making creatures is the end goal.

Not content.

Created by Ben Issen

Based in Paris, Ben founded Supercreative. With his team, he creates tools and videos to help creatives be more productive. Prior to that, he worked at Webflow and launched a design agency. @ben_issen


Jun 7, 2021

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