How I got a job at webflow

The curious story of how I got my first job at Webflow

In 2016, during my first year at university, I set myself the goal to work at Webflow in San Francisco. I had discovered the tool a few months earlier and had fallen in love with it. So I made a website with Webflow explaining why I wanted to work with them. The website is still up.

I tweeted the link to @callmevlad, @thesergie, @YoavGivati, @thepixelgeek... and pretty much anyone who worked there. Vlad emailed me a day later, I interviewed with him a week later.

It felt like the interview was going well until Vlad asked me what role I was interested in. Silence… I had no idea! I was applying to a company, not a job. I just wanted to work with them. Not very smart in retrospect. But I got the internship!

As you know, life in SF is expensive. So to make money, I made a website with Webflow for 10,080€ for one of my friend’s dad. Not only did it pay my travel and living expenses, but it also paid off a bit of my student debt 🙏

I flew to SF a month later and got to work with an amazing team for 3 months. When I arrived, Sergie suggested I work on their breakthrough project, Webflow Ecommerce, as a UX Researcher. Sergie notably suggested I read The Design Of Everyday Things, which I love and recommend to everyone.

I’m shivering writing this. This was one of my coolest life experience. Not only did I learn a ton, but I also made lifelong friends and fell in love with a great girl.

Now, going forward a few years, I launched Supercreative, a platform made with Webflow to teach design. Next month, as the Paris' Webflow ambassador, I will be organizing workshops to teach freelance designers how to make their portfolios with Webflow. Talk about the power of brand ambassadors...

My combination of design and marketing skills are amplified by mastering this tool, and I think it can too for a lot of other people. It’s fascinating to see how a tool has shaped the beginning of my career. I am grateful for Webflow, the tool, and its team. Thank you!

Created by Ben Issen

Based in Paris, Ben founded Supercreative. With his team, he creates tools and videos to help creatives be more productive. Prior to that, he worked at Webflow and launched a design agency. @ben_issen


May 14, 2020

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