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My story of freedom

My name is Ben Issen and I started Supercreative in 2020. Here's my backstory:

  1. On the day I turned 16, I started designing and selling logos to other creators online. I realized that I could make a living from my creative skills. Freedom through creativity! 🎨

  2. Two years after that, I learned to develop basic products and sell them online. I could set my own vision instead of following client requests. Freedom through autonomy! 🧭

  3. Finally, these products kept bringing revenues, so I could spend time on more artistic projects, especially videos which I love creating. In turn, these videos brought a new audience to my products. Freedom through financial stability! 💵

My design skills have the foundation for my creative emancipation. Skills that I’m training for by designing every day.

But I'm still very much unsatisfied. I want to create more, so much more. For more people. In collaboration with amazing people I admire. So hang in there, join on Supercreative while it's taking off. You've joined early.

Why does Supercreative exist?

Creativity and productivity are opposites. One requires time, the other minimizes it. One can't be measured, the other needs to be. One creates to-do lists, the other checks them off. The opposition between creativity and productivity is the fundamental tension all creative professionals face.

Now, creatives are becoming freelancers, solopreneurs, independent. When responsibility is shifted to the individual, it is one's own actions that determine success or failure: to deliver on time, to get the bills paid or to manage multiple clients. As entrepreneurs of ourselves, being productive is a requirement, not an option. Supercreative builds tools for creatives to become more productive.

What’s next?

To ensure that you receive the monthly email with new resources, you can:

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If you have feedback, want to ask a question, want to collab or need anything else, hit me up in the chat button below! Otherwise don’t worry, we’ll talk more soon.

Created by Ben Issen

Based in Paris, Ben founded Supercreative. With his team, he creates tools and videos to help creatives be more productive. Prior to that, he worked at Webflow and launched a design agency. @ben_issen


Dec 12, 2020

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