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To participate in this bootcamp, you must be in Paris for at least 2 days (Oct 19 and Oct 20). You must already have a website that you want to redesign as well.





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The Challenge of Branding

You're a freelancer or entrepreneur in the city of lights, Paris. Your skills are sharp, your services are top-notch, but your brand... it doesn't quite shine as bright as it could. You know a strong personal brand could be the key to attracting more clients and standing out in a crowded marketplace. But where do you start?

It Seems Simple

Maybe you've thought about DIY branding through online tutorials or generic workshops. They promise quick fixes: choose a logo here, a font there, throw in some colors, and voilà! But deep down, you know your brand is more than just a few aesthetic choices.

The Problem with Quick Fixes

These cookie-cutter solutions lack depth and fail to capture the essence of your unique story. Plus, they don't offer the personalized guidance or community support that's essential when you're crafting something as personal as a brand.

Enter the Paris Design Bootcamp. An immersive, comprehensive experience that offers the best of both worlds: the personal interaction and networking opportunities of in-person events, combined with the flexibility and extended learning of an online course.

Led by Ben Issen – Your Branding Mentor

Ben Issen isn't just another instructor; he's a seasoned entrepreneur and designer who's been in your shoes. With his startup, Supercreative, he's transformed the productivity of freelancers across the globe. Having taught this course 50 times and empowered over 20,000 people, Ben brings unmatched expertise and a personal touch to your learning journey.

In-Person Kickoff

Get hands-on with a 2-day intensive workshop in Paris. This is where you lay the foundation: creating your logo, choosing your brand's colors and fonts, and starting your journey with Ben and a tight-knit group of 40 like-minded individuals.

Two Weeks of Online Crafting

Post-kickoff, take your brand to the next level with two weeks of online learning. Here you'll create your branding collaterals—social media posts, LinkedIn headers, and more—under Ben's guidance, ensuring your brand story is consistent and compelling across all platforms.

Grand Finale: The Presentation

Cap off your bootcamp with a final day of in-person presentations. Showcase your new brand, get feedback, and celebrate your hard work with your peers and mentor.

Benefits of Joining

  • Community Support: Build relationships with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  • Comprehensive Branding: Go beyond logos to create a cohesive brand experience.

  • Real-World Application: Apply what you learn immediately to your freelance business.


Q: What's included in the 250 euros fee? A: The fee covers the rental for our beautiful Parisian venue, all in-person workshops, online course access, and the final presentation day.

Q: Do I need to have any design experience? A: Not at all! This bootcamp is designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

Q: What if I can't attend one of the in-person days? A: We encourage full attendance for the best experience, but recordings will be available for the online portions.

Get started

Are you ready to transform your freelance business with a brand that's as remarkable as the services you offer?

Join the Paris Design Bootcamp and turn your brand into your most powerful asset.

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