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Supercreative is an invite-only platform for freelance designers to collaborate with qualified clients.

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Welcome and bravo! Supercreative is made of the best designers, you're one of them 💪

This is our handbook. It will give you an introduction to what Supercreative is, the work philosophy and what you can expect from the community and the tools.

Although the ideas and vision shared in this handbook are important, it's really your talent, energy and ideas that will keep Supercreative shining in the years ahead. Thank you for joining. Let's design great things.

Some facts is an online platform to hire and work with great designers like you.

Supercreative takes 15%, paid by the client, on each project realized on the platform. This business model is beneficial for everyone: we succeed only if you do. There are no hidden costs or recurring fees.

Supercreative is based in Paris but its designer community is spread across the world. The team and designers speak in english among themselves.

Supercreative is more than a design platform. It's a design community with events and collaboration opportunities. Supercreative is what you decide to make of it.

Founding story and vision

Supercreative was founded by Ben in September 2019. Supercreative was first built to help Ben's mom, Marie-Laure (a talented freelance designer), to get her new clients and let them collaborate with her easily. As Ben soon realized, this could be of value to many other great freelance designers. Soon after, Alex, Samuel, Elisa and Tristan joined as the first supercreatives.

Freelancing is hard: managing projects, prospecting new clients, working alone. Every decision when building Supercreative is taken to make designer's life more about designing, less about admin. The core belief is that these pains can be alleviated with the right processes, tools and a strong and loving community ❤️

The journey ahead

OK! Great! So now, what's next? Here's what to expect in the next few days, along with a handful checklist.

The first week

In the first week when joining as a Supercreative, the team will be focused on crafting you a great profile. Your online profile is essential to attract potential clients and make them hire you for a project. So the goal of this page is to make your style stand out and shine ✨.

We think displaying at least 10 of your past projects is a good starting point. Popular supercreative profiles have introduction videos. These are either videos of the designer in their workspace or accelerated screen recordings to get a sense of how they work. These make it easier for potential clients to see who you are and trust you. We'll also ask you the type of projects you like to work on, your daily rate, your desired project minimum, your desired username, if you're open to collaboration projects or the type of tools you use.

The first month

Once your profile is ready, it will be published live. From this point onward, we'll automatically send you new project requests directly from Slack. As you will see, Slack is the nervous system of Supercreative: it's where you communicate with your clients, accept projects or chat with the community.

Designers who benefit most from Supercreative have one thing in common: they make the most out of it by themselves, they are proactive.

The checklist

  • Read this handbook
  • Create your Slack account and use your Supercreative username.
  • Introduce yo'self on the #greet channel. Chat with other great designers!
  • Check out your Supercreative profile ([yourusername])
  • Bonus: Make suggestions for changes to this handbook 😁

Love, Craft, and Fun

Beauty arises from craftsmanship, love and attention to details. Making beautiful things all becomes worthwhile when you have fun. Our values are simple but we take them seriously. Yes, we love beautiful things. You do too and this is why you're here!

Working with Supercreative

Legal stuff

Supercreative is here to protect you and the client. We take responsibility in the wellbeing of client/designer relationships. Most of the time they're great, sometimes they are a nightmare.

When accepting a new client on Supercreative, you agree to the Terms of Service. This is a long and important document. It is legally binding, so better not take it too lightly. Here's the main gist of it:

  • You get paid by Supercreative for each project delivered through the platform.
  • You agree to use Supercreative to deliver ethically and morally good work
  • In the advent of a dispute or an early termination, Supercreatives is here to protect you.


At the end of a project, the client shares feedback about the project and you do the same about the client. The recommendations are kept private and only accessible by the supercreatives themselves. We call it the client rating: internal shared tool to promote great clients and ban bad ones.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Client)

By inviting your own clients to the platform, you can earn some extra cash while giving your client all the good stuff about Supercreative: transparency and simplicity. The more clients you invite, the lower the platform fee becomes. And you get to earn the difference.


Most of the projects started on Supercreative today are handled by designers individually. This will change soon. As Supercreative grows, the ambition is to accept bigger and more complex projects that will involve several designers simultaneously. For a big website revamp for instance, this would required the illustration superpowers of Tristan comboed with the UI chops of Alex.


Designers can only become supercreatives if they were invited by a fellow supercreative and successfully pass the review session afterward. This ensures that the community grows organically and stays high-quality.

Success and failure

This is what success looks like: it's when Supercreative lets you earn more while doing beautiful work that you and your client love. Success is connecting with other great designers and being happy at work. Success on Supercreative can also mean just enjoying the minutes gained with the tools.

If Supercreative does not help you bringing you clients, creating beautiful work or be more efficient and happy, then consider Supercreative a failure. If at any point you feel this is the case, please please let us know. We genuinely want Supercreative to help designers create great work. If that's not happening, then we're faulty of something and we should improve with your feedback.

Work in progress

Work in Progress: everyone can contribute to making Supercreative better. You are part of the team now!

If you have any question, please reach out to ben or olivier