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Actionable creative help

from your boy Ben

2 hours value-packed video calls to solve your design, marketing and web problems.

How can I help?

People use the video call in countless ways, from having me

design a tiny version of a brand to planning a marketing launch.

Micro brand: let’s design your logo, colors, fonts and vibe together.

Freelance marketing: from positioning to diversification, we’ll elaborate your strategy

Micro website: I build cool landing pages all the time, we can build yours fast.

Webflow help: Shorten the learning curve with practical advices.

Killian Talin 🇫🇷

Founder of Inspiration Créative

“I was completely lost with Webflow, we spent four hours and it was just amazing, we had great ideas together. Ben, thank you once again."

Meet Ben. Hi Ben.

Hi. Nice to meet you. The Creative Helpline is like consulting on steroids. I help others with design, product or marketing in these intense 2h calls. Sometimes I’ll prototype something, fix bugs or just talk to get others unstuck. It’s fun. I stopped client work altogether in October 2020 to focus on Supercreative full time. But I'm still very happy to meet new people, discover new industries and solve new problems. If you want to learn more about me, I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn. Bisous

Frequently asked questions

Why 2 hours?

1 hour is not enough, 3 hours is exhausting. 2 hours is good. If our call takes more than 2 hours then that's OK, as long it's reasonable. In fact, most of the calls so far were a tiny bit longer than 2 hours. If we finish before 2h then that's fine too. If needed, we can have another call.

What do I need to prepare?

You can send text, images or anything you think would be useful beforehand to

Is it fine if I speak French or Spanish?

Yup. I speak both. For other languages, better stick to English.

Why charge $300?

I share and add a lot of value in 2 hours, paying for it is a way to say thank you.

Where will the call happen?

On Around. It's a free video conferencing tool that's great for collaborations. And it allows me to share my screen and scribble simultaneously. It also makes it write notes together. You can download it on your computer before the call.

What if I'm not happy with the call?

I'll refund you entirely. No question asked.

Actionable creative help

from your boy Ben


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