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Supercreative is an invite-only platform for freelance designers to collaborate with qualified clients.

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Collaborate with super
freelance designers.

The top 5% of web, brand and app designers. Find your supercreative today by exploring their work.
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What is Supercreative?Wait, what is Supercreative?

The freelance agency

Work with a curated selection of the best designers. We handle the admin, so you can focus on the creation of your perfect design in real-time.

Super freelance designers

Supercreatives are invited and selected in our network after a 5 step selection process. The top 4% of applications are accepted.

Teams for bigger projects

Teams of expert motion, app, illustration or web designers are assembled carefully for your crazier ideas.

One platform to collaborate

Ohh nice! See the design in real-time, chat, comment, review tasks and pay all through our simple and secure platform.

How Supercreative works

Supercreative in 5 steps →

Step 1: Pick your supercreative

And get a custom quote

Step 2: Review project

Meet your supercreative online and agree on the timeline and deliverables

Step 3: Collaborate on design

Set on project objectives with your supercreative

Step 4: Pay securely

Download your invoices and other docs

Step 5: Download designs

All your finished design assets in one place

Compare Supercreative

Top selected designers
Scale up teams for bigger projects
Direct contact with designer
Follow design in real-time
One platform to manage the project

Frequently asked questions

Where are Supercreatives located?

Supercreatives are from many places like France, the US, UK or Italy. You’ll likely find a designer that both speaks your language and fits your design style. Supercreative's headquarters are in Paris, France.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by a Supercreative?

The client.

Can I meet my designer in real life?

If you live close to your designer, you should definitely meet to better know each other. If that's not the case: don't worry. The built-in video chat system feels like you're in the same room. 

I want a website, do you code the design too? 

Yes. Our web and app designers are full-stack, which means they also implement the interfaces they design.

Are there hidden costs?

No. Once you approve a quote, we invoice 40% as a down-payment to let the designer start the project.

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Alice Zagury, CEO TheFamily
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Laurent David, Founder Wine Angels